Ch. Sailor's Special K Carbon Copy
2-25-89 - 9-23-01
We lost Ditto to suspected heart failure, she died in her sleep.


Ditto was the heart and soul of Special K Boxers!  I again have to thank Sue Ann Thompson and Meg Sailor for everything they have done for me.  Ditto is the foundation of Special K Boxers!  You ask how, when she only had one champion.  There should have been three more.  Due to a divorce they just didn't get done.  But she produced my special boy, her only champion and is in every pedigree Special K Boxers has.

You took a part of my heart with you.  Sleep softly my girl.

Click here to see Ditto's son, Ch. Jet and daughter Surely.


AM CH Hollycrest's Farm Hand SOM
AM CH Heldenbrand's Jedi Knight
AM CH Heldenbrand's Kansas Twister
AM CH Misty Mountain Rhodes
Peckham's Lady Phaedra
AM CH Moreleen's Moses Of Box Run
Sir Ruffian's Just Plain Fancy
Peprhl's Summer Sprite
AM CH Peprhl's Magic Man O'Gerhard CD
AM CH Gerhard's Knight O'Turbulence
Bill's Caramel Candy Of Peprhl
Peprhl's Wild Gypsy
Gerhard's Knight Of Ryan
Brasun's Pepper Hill Amber Glo CD