Special K's Surely You Jet
2-25-93 - 11-19-06
We lost Surely to complications associated with mast cell cancer

Surely at almost 12 years old

Surely was one of those Ditto babies that should have finished.  She was bred once and due to life's little set-backs, I couldn't keep any of them.  My mom does have one spoiled little girl - too spoiled to show!

These pictures were taken at "Surely's" 13 1/2 year birthday party, enjoying what she loves the most... corn on the cob!


AM CH Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker SOM LOM
AM CH Heldenbrand's Heart Breaker SOM
AM CH Heldenbrand's Jedi Knight
AM CH Wheatland's Gem V Heldenbrand
AM CH Heldenbrand's Jetta Jovina DOM DOMC
AM CH Heldenbrand's Kansas Twister
AM CH Misty Mountain Rhodes
AM CH Sailor's Special K Carbon Copy
AM CH Hollycrest's Farm Hand SOM
AM CH Heldenbrand's Jedi Knight
Peckham's Lady Phaedra
Peprhl's Summer Sprite
AM CH Peprhl's Magic Man O'Gerhard CD
Peprhl's Wild Gypsy